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  1. I see. I mean the error still occurs in forge 28.1.40, but at least I'm now checking the FML report to see what I'm missing even though I felt it was easier when forge told me what I could be missing. Thanks for the helpful info Animefan and Diesieben07.
  2. If these problems occured, wouldn't forge be smart enough to say "hey you are missing something!" instead of loading into minecraft with an error saying no mods were loaded? Just sounds more logical to me. And, yes, I was missing the nucleus API for a mod I downloaded and Enemy Z was having it's own issues. This wasn't made apparent to me until I went back to Forge 28.1.24 which is where it told me point blank I'm missing a mod that is important. Thanks for that help! I knew the problem couldn't have been FastFurnace. Also, what is the point of the "§" within the FML report?
  3. Still looks the same without FastFurnace. I took out every mod except 10 of them. Still get no mods loaded. Report: https://gist.github.com/DatrixTHLK/1ee41fc2bd5bc83eae3701cc8f5b6f1f Re-Edit: I took out all 90 mods and now the game seems to register I have 2 mods loaded which one is FML and the other is Forge. I can only assume one of two things Forge doesn't register any of them due to a bug or all the mods I have are in need of updating. Which number two is not viable because I've been updating each mod as they come out and usually forge breaks a few mods not all of them and if it does it will tell us what mods broke within a crash log. Oh well I'll just wait until forge updates and I'll go back a few versions to when all the mods actually worked. Which last I checked was 28.1.30 Re-Edit Again: Ok 28.1.30 is showing the same error as 39 is. What kind of witchcraft is going on here? I'll go back several more to 28.1.24 that version seems to work just fine with the mods I have.
  4. I'm not the only one experiencing this issue it seems. Minecraft 1.14.4 Forge: 28.1.39 FML Report: https://gist.github.com/DatrixTHLK/396334eb462d6a33fbb1e7b33a50e5a3 Picture #1: Shows Minecraft with no mods loaded (obviously) Picture #2: Shows the mods page where the mods should be loaded Picture #3: Mods Folder inside the .minecraft folder where mods are right now Picture #4: When going into minecraft the game is broken. My mods are in the correct folder yet forge isn't registering or recognizing them as being there. If I missed any information let me know or just ignore me.
  5. Tried 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 all have the same issue. Thanks though! Guess I'll just stick with 10 for now.
  6. Hello forge people, While I'm certainly not the only one to have this type of issue I seem to be getting this error when installing forge. I rarely come here when I have issues because they usually get ironed out within the next version or update. All I did was download forge 28.1.15 and try to install it to Minecraft 1.14.4 and this is the issue. If this has been mentioned already, then ignore me and move on. Thank you for taking a look at this in either case. Java software is up-to-date Java 8 Update 221.
  7. For those who have that mod installed be sure to let the mod author know to update their mod.
  8. Oh and before I forget your welcome. I've installed tons of mods and had to do some checking to figure out what mod the issue is occuring at. Also, you will learn as you get familiar with the error codes or what mod is in error. I've been playing (bug testing mainly) Minecraft ever since 1.1-1.5 then 1.7.2, 1.8, 1.10.2. Make sure to send the mod author your crash report or fml log depending on whether or not your minecraft crashes. That will help them to fix their mod (If they want to keep their mod up to date).
  9. Ok then take out LLOverlay and see if minecraft will crash if it isn't that then take out CEI. If it is LLOverlay then the mod author will need to be made aware of this issue. If it is CEI then that mod author will need to be made aware of the issue. Hopefully this answer will help a bit.
  10. What site are you downloading it from if not curseforge.com or curse.com?
  11. For me the culprit was Machine Power Craft 1.10.2-1.1.9. It could be something different for you though.
  12. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/forever-enough-items/ Check the Getting started FAQ. That will have the answer you seek.
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