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  1. That's interesting, is there a method that fires on removal of said piece of armor?
  2. I want to create a Chestplate that works with flight as long as it's worn, but as soon as it's taken off your flight is immediately disabled and you can no longer fly. I can get it so that you can fly after first putting it on but taking it off won't disable it until a reload. Any tips?
  3. Last question of night I swear. In previous versions of the WorldGenMinable you could use BlockHelper to generate over different blocks like obsidian, cobblestone, or end stone. I can't seem to find a working version of BlockHelper to use in 1.10. If somebody could help point me in the right direction that'd be great. Specifically, I want to generate, specifically, a grassy ore over grass blocks.
  4. Thanks! I was sure there was some simple answer like that, whoops EDIT: What is the difference between using the two?
  5. I have an ore that's set to be broken by a Hammer of sorts. When it's broken with a Pickaxe, I want it to drop 2-3 of the ore, which I've got set up, but when a player breaks it with the Hammer tool, I want it to drop 8-10. Any way I can make this work?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I figured out my problem. The float value is actually 4 above what it is in game. For everybody wondering, to get the default Diamond Axe attack speed of 1, you must put -3F into the second float.
  7. I got the axes working using the two-float method, but there's no cooldown for them, where you can't use them to attack for another second or two as with vanilla tools. I was wondering if there was some way to get my axes to have the same cooldown as vanilla axes? EDIT: Also, specifically, what are the two floats for? One's for the damage, but what "speed" is the second float for?
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