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  1. This also occurs with forge build as well so a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. I will be keeping track of this post so if people could reply if this helped and if any mods didn't work even with this fix, I would like to know...
  2. i have been playing with the files inside of forge, and I found a way to get forge to install and work (not sure of the stabillity though)... In the forge files you install all of the files except the net folder to the .jar. Then go into the net/minecraft/client and install the minecraft.class file but not the minecraftapplet.class into the corresponding folder in the .jar. For some reason when i install the minecraftapplet.class my cracked version (used for beta testing) will not load my nickname, and freezes at the "Updating Minecraft... Done loading" thing that many have run into... Forge people, could you take a look at the minecraftapplet.class file and see if you can get it fixed? That would be awesome! And thank you for making this mod! Very good!
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