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    i am a compleat noob
  1. i like playing on modded server but some times its a little annoying because if u are using a mod pack and it updates and u join a server that has a lower version some times its not a problem because server owners do display the mod pack name and version but have a way for forge to display the mod pack name and version and mabe link if the server dose use a mod pack
  2. so like this @Mod( modid = Tribes.MOD_ID, name = Tribes.MOD_NAME, version = Tribes.VERSION, serverSideOnly = true, acceptableRemoteVersions = "*" )
  3. is there a way i can mod server side only with forge and how would i go about it
  4. this mod is for mods like custom npc mod that save the server side files in the save/worldname becuse i get tiered manual transferring them.
  5. thanks this will help because what i am working on is folders/file sync between save like inventory or other files
  6. the mod i want to move files into the world save folder when new world is being created. how would go about this ?
  7. Then you didn't do it right. Do you ever call load()? ' Oops my bad i need to get some sleep well i need to put that in my notes thanks for the help.
  8. What?! And What?! Sorry i am a bit sleepy i meant to say did i do this right. i am trying to register a keybinding
  9. i home i did the right. package mymods; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; import net.minecraft.client.settings.KeyBinding; import net.minecraftforge.fml.client.registry.ClientRegistry; import org.lwjgl.input.Keyboard; public class KeyBindings { public static KeyBinding scrollModifier; public static void load() { scrollModifier = new KeyBinding("key.scrollModifier", Keyboard.KEY_LMENU, "key.category.main"); ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding(scrollModifier); } public static int isHotbarKeyDown() { KeyBinding[] bindings = Minecraft.getMinecra
  10. one to slide in and another to slide out would be the best look
  11. What i am trying to Create Command Menu that allows the user to add more to the left click function insted of just attack/brake. so how it would work is that when you hit the Ctrl button and it will toggel scholl will from the hotbar to the command bar witch will allow you to switch The left Click on the mouse to ?? command that can be any thing. for example ---- | Command | | Atack/brake | This can have a sub command or a action ===> | ???? |
  12. i need a little help i am working on a mod that add a command menu i want it to be a stand alone mod that can be added to like the tabs but this will effect left clicking with the mouse with the attack/brake as the fiest command but i cant figer out how to animate the menu i have ben trying for two weeks to do this with out asking for help but i am stuck and i need help configing it with the key bord and heres is a image on how far i got. package mymods.my_hud; import mymods.MyMods; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; import net.minecraft.client.gui.FontRenderer; import net
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