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  1. Y axis is fine, take an example from the cube.json file: { "parent": "block/block", "elements": [ { "from": [ 0, 0, 0 ], "to": [ 16, 16, 16 ], "faces": { "down": { "texture": "#down", "cullface": "down" }, "up": { "texture": "#up", "cullface": "up" }, "north": { "texture": "#north", "cullface": "north" }, "south": { "texture": "#south", "cullface": "south" }, "west": { "texture": "#west", "cullface": "west" }, "east": { "texture": "#east", "cullface": "east" } } } ] } On the Y axis (in green) we can see that the block is going from y=0 to y=16 So I conclude that 0 is the bottom and 16 is the top of a typical minecraft block.
  2. Yes, color selection I know how it work, but the "enable" enable what? and the "rotate" rotate what?
  3. There is the file here: ~/minecraft/config/splash.properties that look like this: #Splash screen properties #Sun Sep 11 20:11:38 EDT 2016 logoTexture=textures/gui/title/mojang.png background=0xFFFFFF font=0x0 barBackground=0xFFFFFF barBorder=0xC0C0C0 rotate=false bar=0xCB3D35 enabled=false resourcePackPath=resources logoOffset=0 forgeTexture=fml\:textures/gui/forge.gif fontTexture=textures/font/ascii.png I would like to know (since I speak french and don't know if I understand correctly) what does mean each option above. Thanks for your answer.
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