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  1. Okay sometimes they get stuck and u have to punch em out
  2. They don't freeze there arms are still moving but then its like they don't move or build for a bit of time
  3. When I tried a builder npc the thing and the npcs sometimes just look like they wont move but their arms do and they just stand with dirt and just don't move sometimes amd just stand in a spot for a few seconds then build again
  4. When I did a Builder Block for singleplayer it crashed my game when I tried to see a house
  5. Hey forge when I did minecraft 1.10.2 and installed a mod i come up and see in singleplayer the chats all black a bit please fix?
  6. Internet eplorer let me try google chrome
  7. None of the buttons work on the fourm when I try and post something
  8. The insert image wont work for me when I try to insert a log
  9. Dear forge members this happened on 1.7.10 mods now it happens on 1.8 I tried iron backpacks 1.8 mod and Mr.Crayfish 1.8 mod they are both jars and I tested both of them in the "mods" folder and they didn't work what can I do to fix this?Or is this version not supported to?
  10. Dear forge members I try MrCrayfish Furniture mod Every single mod crashes my singleplayer please fix!!!!I did all the stuff the right forge version put the mod in the mods folder as usual and it still wont work please fix this!!!Also the verification is a pain in the but to do
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