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  1. Hello! As I was unable to find any resources anywhere that contains what i wanted, so i turned to this forum , if anyone have any IRC / Web Chat Server for Forge Related Discussions, i would really appreciate it if you could post it here or give me a pm So! 1)What I wanted to know is that whether or not ONE can code it so that it "stores" the BLOCK Owner 2)Is it possible to check which sides the player right click on a block? (Example: Left right front back btm top.. etc) Scenario! I am currently developing a Tile Entity and trying to make it 3 blocks height and 2 blocks wide, in which right clicking will output GUIs, depending on sides / owners different GUIs will be shown. Currently made 1 GUI working but without the two mentioned above I cannot connect more than 1 GUI on a single tileentity i wonder won
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