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  1. I've figured out how to render textured cuboids, but how do I make them transparent and how do I tint the texture? (It doesn't seem rendering a quad is possible, only cuboids)
  2. So I have implemented and registered a TileEntity with TileEntityRenderer but i have no idea how to use it. The vanilla code not being deobfuscated doesn't help either. I just want to render a transparent quad with a tinted texture - supposed to look like water or another liquid. Where do I start?
  3. I'm having some trouble registering a TileEntityRenderer what am I doing wrong? Code: ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer(ModTileEntityTypes.DRYER, new DryerTileEntityRenderer(TileEntityRendererDispatcher.instance)); IntelliJ error: tileEntityType: Required type: TileEntityType<T> Provided: TileEntityType<capture of ?> rendererFactory: Required type: Function<? super TileEntityRendererDispatcher, ? extends TileEntityRenderer<? super T>> Provided: DryerTileEntityRenderer reason: no instance(s) of type variable(s) T exist so that DryerTileEntityRenderer conforms to Function<? super TileEntityRendererDispatcher, ? extends TileEntityRenderer<? super T>> DryerTileEntityRenderer class: public class DryerTileEntityRenderer extends TileEntityRenderer<DryerTileEntity> { public DryerTileEntityRenderer(TileEntityRendererDispatcher p_i226006_1_) { super(p_i226006_1_); } @Override public void func_225616_a_(DryerTileEntity p_225616_1_, float p_225616_2_, MatrixStack p_225616_3_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_225616_4_, int p_225616_5_, int p_225616_6_) { } }
  4. Is there a way to store a string array or multiline string? nvm, figued it out
  5. Great tutorial, however, I have a couple of questions: What is the specPair thing about? Is there any difference between CLIENT and SERVER configs in terms of setup? Thanks for the reply
  6. there's a config file in the config folder and another one gets generated in the serverconfig folder of a save, but it has only default values I thought maybe the values from the global config file are supposed to be in the serverconfig too, because the game is using values from the serverconfig, and why even have the global config if that wasn't the case? Main: Config.loadConfig(FMLPaths.CONFIGDIR.get().resolve("qrystal.toml").toString()); ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.SERVER, Config.config1, "qrystal.toml"); Config.loadConfig: public static void loadConfig(String path) { final CommentedFileConfig file = CommentedFileConfig.builder(new File(path)).sync().autosave().writingMode(WritingMode.REPLACE).build(); file.load(); config1.setConfig(file); } how do I make the game use the values from the global config? Am I misunderstanding how this works?
  7. config files are deprecated now? or it's just this one thing
  8. I thought I'd make it simple for them, not having to create loot tables and such, just assigning the block to be hammerable Since I'm getting no responses on how, but rather why, I guess it's not really possible (except for mixins???)
  9. Making certain (not known until startup which) blocks drop dusts instead of their normal drops when mined by a hammer
  10. then how do I make them controlled by configuration?
  11. because the output depends on the mod configuration well, then how can I do that without loot tables?
  12. but what if it is a mod? how can I generate loot tables dynamically?
  13. Ok, imagine I reworked it so it's registered in recipe JSONs and not in config, now how do I make this work?
  14. no, I'm not doing that, it's more like registering recipes
  15. I've seen ex nihilo use mixin, I guess I could do that... But how? The intro isn't really a tutorial
  16. Ok, so you can register new materials in the config and one of the things you register is which ores you want to be hammerable into dusts of that material
  17. could you please help me fix the issue instead of judging how I've set up my mod's configuration?
  18. I'm trying to make some blocks drop something else if mined with my custom tool - hammer Which blocks and what they drop with the hammer is generated dynamically when starting the game (based on config) When mined without the hammer, they drop their normal drops I've tried modifying loot tables in LootTableLoadEvent, but only vanilla loot tables go through there... Is there any other way?
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