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  1. Hello Guys, im new at this Forum and my Englishskills are not the best - I´ll try my best Yesterday I started coding with Forge a new Mod, I´ve coded 2 mods already. Ok, I wanted do put in my EventHandler a new Event called onRenderTick, because i wanna draw a String Ingame. in the head of the function I wrote TickEvent.RenderTickEvent e so there is a little test, wie a simple System.out.Println: @SubscribeEvent public void onRenderTick(TickEvent.RenderTickEvent e){ System.out.println("the RenderTickevent fired"); } Of course did I register the Event in my MainClass @EventHandler public void init(FMLInitializationEvent e) { MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new tk.camperboyz.campermod.event.EventHandler()); } If I would start Minecraft now, there is no Textoutput in the console. I´ve did everything that I know what to do in this situation. Does someone know what I did wrong, would be very helpful. Thanks. Jonnyb170 Edit: I use Forge 1.8.9
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