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  1. Hi there! I'm trying to increase the normal overworld max height. I'm not sure how to go about this without using reflection to change this in DimensionType: protected static final DimensionType DEFAULT_OVERWORLD = create(OptionalLong.empty(), true, false, false, true, 1.0D, false, false, true, false, true, -64, 384, 384, BlockTags.INFINIBURN_OVERWORLD, OVERWORLD_EFFECTS, 0.0F); Would that be the recommended way to accomplish this? Or is there some data file in the world folder that I should change? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hi there! I've surprisingly found very little resources on Google/YouTube for this. I'm trying to make a custom command: /speed #. I'm doing the following: public SpeedCommand(final CommandDispatcher<CommandSourceStack> dispatcher) { dispatcher.register(Commands.literal("speed") .then(Commands.argument("amount", IntegerArgumentType.integer())) .requires(source -> { /*try { return ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer().getPlayerList().isOp(source.getPlayerOrException().getGameProfile()); } catch (CommandSyntaxException e) { e.printStackTrace(); return false; }*/ return source.hasPermission(3); }) .executes(command -> { final ServerPlayer player = command.getSource().getPlayerOrException(); player.flyingSpeed = MathTools.clamp(IntegerArgumentType.getInteger(command, "amount"), 1, 4); return 1; }) ); } In game, when typing "/speed", it shows the suggestion for me to include the "amount" argument. However, when I do include it, "/speed 1", it says that it's an unknown or incomplete command. Any ideas?
  3. I didn't realize Style.EMPTY.withColor() was a thing. Thanks!
  4. Hi there. I'm trying to create my own Style instances so I can apply custom colors those to MutableComponents. For instance, lets say I have public static final int RED_ORANGE = FastColor.ARGB32.color(255, 247, 69, 37); And I wanted to apply this custom color to a MutableComponent with MutableComponent#withStyle. I notice the Style constructor isn't public, so I'm doing some reflection like so: final Constructor<Style> constructor = Style.class.getDeclaredConstructor(TextColor.class, Boolean.class, Boolean.class, Boolean.class, Boolean.class, Boolean.class, ClickEvent.class, HoverEvent.class, String.class, ResourceLocation.class ); final Style style = constructor.newInstance(TextColor.fromRgb(color.color()), false, false, false, false, false, null, null, null, null ); This, however, doesn't work. Is there a way to create custom Styles? Thanks! Edit: I needed to "constructor.setAccessible(true);"
  5. Turns out there was some unexpected behavior in my dependency injection library, so in a roundabout way, it was getting registered twice. Thanks for your reply!
  6. I've noticed a weird bit of behavior happening with the PlayerLoggedIn event in 1.18.2. I have some the following test code to debug this issue: MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.addListener(EventPriority.NORMAL, false, PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent.class, this::test); ... public void test(final PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent event) { System.out.println("-------------------------------"); System.out.println("Logged in event"); System.out.println("-------------------------------"); } The output in console when I log into my server is: ---------------------------- Logged in event ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Logged in event ---------------------------- Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Since that is a non-static method, should I be extending ForgeIngameGui for my AbstractScreen class instead of extending the Forge Screen class? What I'm drawing to the screen is a custom inventory texture, so it needs child widgets such as buttons and items to click. Based on what I see in the ForgeIngameGui and the Gui classes, ForgeIngameGui seems more for HUD overlays. Is that correct and I should stay with the Screen class?
  8. When I blit this to the screen, I'm doing it like so: minecraft.textureManager.bindForSetup(new ResourceLocation(Genesis.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/inventory.png")); ... poseStack.pushPose(); Gui.blit(pMatrixStack, pos.x(), pos.y(), 0, start.x(), start.y(), dimensions.x(), dimensions.y(), textureSize.y(), textureSize.x()); poseStack.popPose(); However, the result is this instead of my texture: https://gyazo.com/5628b1b1013d37e3f0fa8a476800856d
  9. I should've specified. I used ResourceLocation#toDebugFileName which does: public String toDebugFileName() { return this.toString().replace('/', '_').replace(':', '_'); } So if just do the normal ResourceLocation#toString, the output is: "genesis:textures/gui/inventory.png".
  10. Hi there. This used to work in 1.16.5, but now it's not working. I'm creating a ResourceLocation like so: new ResourceLocation(Genesis.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/" + texture); where my mod ID is "genesis" and "texture" is "inventory.png". When debugging this, the ResourceLocation outputs "genesis_textures_gui_inventory.png", so I'm not too sure where I'm going wrong here. My resources folder can be found here (I tried attaching it, but it didn't like the Gyazo link): https://gyazo.com/089c354ee737f31d892c72335eddb024 It doesn't seem to be finding "inventory.png" correctly. Did the use of ResourceLocation change in-between these versions? Thanks!
  11. Ahoy. I'm trying to register a custom render layer during the proper event, like so: Adding the event as a listener: final IEventBus modEventBus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus(); modEventBus.addListener(EventPriority.LOWEST, this::registerRenderLayers); public void registerRenderLayers(final EntityRenderersEvent.AddLayers event) { final LivingEntityRenderer<Player, PlayerModel<Player>> playerRenderer = event.getRenderer(EntityType.PLAYER); playerRenderer.addLayer(new WornItemLayer<>(playerRenderer)); } An error is being thrown saying that "playerRenderer" is null. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong here, as I imagine that if the event is firing, the renderer shouldn't be null. Thanks!
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