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  1. I am currently working on a mod called Saracalia's Vehicle Mod, and well, the idea of this mod is to place cars down for Decorational purposes, instead of allowing them to be driven around. Now, I am currently having trouble with something. I am wanting to have the vehicles placed down in 16 rotations, instead of 4, similar to how the Skull gets placed down. I posted it on MC forums, but didn't get much help there, so thought to come onto the forums here and ask for help. Now, I got a message on MC forums to use lines 32-33 from the class, TileEntitySignRenderer which seems to make sense except for, it does nothing. The code I got in a class that is off from TileEntitySpecialRender is: And the lines I have been told to use from TileEntitySignRender is Can someone help me out here for this please?
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