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  1. Ooooh I'm sorry, I didn't see it. Thank you, i will know for next time!
  2. The installer also leads to an adfoc.us page. I don't see any direct links there. Well, today, it seems there is no problem anymore... But really, just blocking all downloads if there is any problem while generating ads...?
  3. Hello, I would like to know if any of you is able to download forge... I try to download some new versions, but it seems that adfocus has some problems, totally blocking the access to the download. Everything I try to download something from them, I get to this page: http://adfoc.us/502.html And absolutely no way to access the download. And it's been a while it didn't change. Am I the only one, or adfocus shouldn't be used anymore? Thank you.
  4. Yeah, but it would be a new minecraft... I mean, if you have any custom configs, you would have to change for each profile, same if you tend to configure your mods, you would have to do the same for each versions (or copy-past the config file). With this idea, every configs would still be shared.
  5. Hello! I was thinking about something that might be useful for players who go to several servers with different mods, or even different minecraft versions. Each times I want to change servers, I always need to manually move the mods from my mods folder to other folders with names I recognize... But I was thinking about something like.. Any mods in the mods folder continues to work like right now. Any mods in sub-folders will only be launched if the profile's name matches (or any other way to detect it's the good folder) Well, hope that would be accepted... :3 Thanks
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