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  1. Thanks for this infomation !
  2. Awesome work!!! It looks we have the same idea since NEI has gone in new version of MC....hahaha Here is one function to show infos in my mod.Maybe you can add some details such as biome,night/day,sea level,held item info(food).... (I'm a Chinese modder so it's in Chinese Go luck and go ahead~~
  3. Hey Guys,I found there is a wrong info in ITEM$toolMaterial file in the forge-1.11- version when on modding: ===from line 1757~1763 /** * The level of material this tool can harvest (3 = DIAMOND, 2 = IRON, 1 = STONE, 0 = IRON/GOLD) */ public int getHarvestLevel() { return this.harvestLevel; } === It shold be 0=WOOD /GOLD but NOT 0=IRON/GOLD. Pls fix that:)
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