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  1. It works with the Eclipse Client but when I use the normal Minecraft 1.8.9 client, it deforms. EDIT: The §a deforms into ï¿1/2a
  2. Emphasis on "You are expected to have basic knowledge of Java before posting here." Ye sorry, I will stop asking questions on this forum but can you help me with the last question?
  3. That is what I am trying to do! ^^ One more quick question, is it possible to replace a word in a String with a ChatCode? I tried to do prop = prop.replace("&a", EnumChatFormatting.GREEN); and prop = prop.replace("&a", "§a"); , but the first one isn't working and the second one seems to only work with the Client from Eclipse, not the regular one (Why though?). I am so sorry for being annoying!
  4. Oh well, didn't expect that to be the problem, thanks!
  5. and you asked how to fix it What is different between your and my code?
  6. How to fix that? If I understood that right, I should create the booleans in the config first. Like that: Property PMs = config1.get("Booleans", "PMs", false); ?
  7. public static Configuration config1= new Configuration(); @EventHandler public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { Configuration config1= new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile()); config1.load(); FastExamples.NotResetVariables.PMs = config1.get("Booleans", "PMs", false).getBoolean(); FastExamples.NotResetVariables.instantRejoin = config1.get("Booleans", "InstantRejoin", false).getBoolean(); FastExamples.NotResetVariables.showPartyChat = config1.get("Booleans", "PartyChat", false).getBoolean(); FastExamples.NotResetVariables.showGuildChat = config1.get("Boolea
  8. I've also tried checking for null before it activates but it is still crashing if(Clean.Coins.CC.config1 != null){ Clean.Coins.CC.config1.save(); } Also, just a random question, does anyone know why String[] splittedMessage = msg.split(")"); isn't working when it is ")" but is working when it is something different?
  9. Yes, I checked that but the line that makes the error is Clean.Coins.CC.config1.save(); and Clean.Coins.CC.config1 != null
  10. After doing everything I got this error: Code: Button: if(button == button25) { boolean State3 = FastExamples.NotResetVariables.PMsEnabled(); Minecraft.getMinecraft().displayGuiScreen(new GUI()); Property prop = Clean.Coins.CC.config1.get("Booleans", "PMs", false); boolean PMs = prop.getBoolean(); prop.set(!PMs); Clean.Coins.CC.config1.save(); } preInit: Configuration config1= new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile()); config1.load(); FastExamples.NotResetVariables.PMs = config1.get("Booleans", "PMs", false
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