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  1. I've made a city building kit in Minecraft, and I decided to post on YouTube a timelapse video of its making. https://youtu.be/mwuvz4UGJKU Once I make a download link, however, I strongly recommend you have a program like MCEdit before using it. I hope you enjoy the video, despite the odd choice of music.
  2. I feel that extra-customizable skins would really change Minecraft for the better, allowing players to make some truly imaginative avatars. I was hoping for... Animated Image-files Glowing Sections Fully-customizable Particles Custom Models and Animations and more, I hope... Mojang could also prevent this from being overused or weaponized by charging money for it (say, $15 per user). What do you think? Should this be an option in vanilla Minecraft?
  3. Hey, I just posted a couple of art timelapses on YouTube. Is anyone interested? Starry Lighthouse Adventure's Cavern
  4. I accidentally marked the entire Off-Topic Forum as read. Can I undo this, by any chance? (EDIT: Also, please forgive me if this was the wrong place to post this. I thought this was right because it has to do with this forum, and I couldn't find a better place for it.)
  5. I'm building an arena filled with tedious, often luck-based, mini-games for people who break a given server's rules. I don't yet know whether to send this to somebody or just keep it for my own soon-to-be server, but do you have any ideas for the mini-games?
  6. In Eclipse, under the Package Explorer, there should be a "folder" called Referenced Libraries (there might not be, in which case skip this). Inside that will be a file called "forgeSrc-[mc version]-[forge version].jar" You will be able to open up that jar file and brows the MC source code. TNT will be down under: - net.minecraft.blocks - net.minecraft.entities Thank you so much! That'll make modding SO much faster and easier! I'll keep that in mind. You both have my thanks.
  7. I don't feel like paying money for a book about modding, but thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for the tip, but how do I get into that TNT class? You can't. Literally. Thanks. I should've known.
  8. How do I do that? While I do have basic knowledge of Java, I'm still fairly new to modding and don't wanna mess anything up with the game's code. Also, I use Eclipse if this helps you find a good response.
  9. I'm trying to make a really nice Minecraft 1.10 mod, and I'd like to give it some TNT, some that explode lava everywhere, and some that simply have bigger blast radii. How should I write the classes for the unprimed and primed versions of these? I already have basic coding knowledge and some textures. Update: Thank you guys for making my modding easier! Sorry if some of my posts were rude before I fixed them; this was my first time on any forum.
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