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  1. So I am recreating my server for my daughter and she wants all the 'cool' mods that all the 'good' servers have. I was wondering what mods most servers use for Survival and what version of Minecraft do most use? This will be mainly for a few of her friends and me to spend a little time with her. Any suggestions on what modifications to the survival environment would be greatly appreciated! I was using the following mods: EssentialsX-2.0.1.jar FirstJoinPlus.jar HolographicDisplays.jar Lockette.jar Modifyworld.jar Multiverse-Core-2.5.jar Multiverse-NetherPortals-2.4.jar Multiverse-Portals-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar PermissionsEx-1.23.4.jar TimeFold.jar Vault.jar worldedit-bukkit-6.1.5.jar worldguard-6.2.jar But I don't seem to have the mods that all the 'cool' servers have. Am I just missing a good spawn point and a bunch of work? Enlighten an old guy and help him make his daughter happy! Thanks for your input! SomeOldGuy
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