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  1. Well, I performed another test this morning - with 118 - I Deleted the entire .minecraft directory. Started with a fresh install of everything. still happened Performed the same test with 119 and problem does NOT happen. whatever changes were made, fixed it. Thanks everyone.
  2. Wait, what did I "catch"? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Maybe it is somehow related to how I am performing the installation? I got out my laptop, deleted the .minecraft\bin folder entirely. downloaded a fresh vanilla minecraft.jar file, downloaded the 118 version of MinecraftForge Installed MinecraftForge Started a new world, and it is doing the same thing. To install it, I unpack the zip file Open minecraft.jar in 7Zip Drag contents of unpacked folder into minecraft.jar - being careful not to drag it into a folder, but just into the base folder of the archive then close all and enjoy. Is that wrong?
  4. Very well, for the duration of this discussion, I will be using a 100% vanilla downloaded minecraft.jar file, + MinecraftForge ONLY. I will test on a Brand Newly created world each test. Still happens.
  5. I know it is not compatible to install MinecraftForge through MCPatcher, so I always install it afterwards, manually. However, this problem has occurred without ANY mods except MinecraftForge. Fresh download, Only install. Still happens.
  6. Interesting! Good to know. What about Better Grass, Custom Colors, and Connected Textures? Separate install? BTW: I tried installing JUST MinecraftForge after this new information - Missing Leaves are not due to a conflict with above mentioned mods. still happens. Also, after a little testing, I discovered, that MinecraftForge appears to remove the color from the BetterGrass Side grass making it gray.
  7. I have recently decided to pick up Minecraft again after a few months off, and updated to the 1.2.5 release. When I started playing, I noticed that some tree leaves are not generating on new chunks. Jungle Biome: no leaves on groundcover plants Swamp Biome: no leaves on any trees Tiaga Biome: no leaves on the tall skinny trees with only a little leaves at the top (normally) Forest Biome: no leaves on Birch trees I had started by running MCPatcher 2.3.7 successfully, and choosing the following mods: - HD Textures, HD Font, and Better Grass Next I installed ModLoader 1.2.5 and finally Minecraftforge-client- After noticing the error I described, I downloaded a FRESH .minecraft/bin folder and tested with each step to see where it occurred. This did not happen until I installed Minecraftforge. (let me know if there is anything else I can give for information. There are no error messages so far as I know) Any ideas what is happening?
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