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  1. I set the render type to INVISIBLE to use TESR, but the returned blockstate somehow misses its unlisted properties now...
  2. Sounds bad. Is there a way to change rendering instead of model or textures?
  3. 6 sides that may or may not be attached. I want to make smooth block fading. If 5% per frame is enough, I'll need to cache 18 * 20 = 360 textures. Is it okay in terms of performance?
  4. First, that's sort of a workaround. I don't understand why there is no system with flexible rendering control for cases where JSON is helpess (yeah, IModel/TESR is also clumsy and unobvious). However, speaking of the method you described, it's still impossible. I have a custom model that randomly picks one of six textures for each block side (the block can be attached to adjacent blocks); more than that, it has 3 different subtypes, so JSON system will be generating 3 * 2^6 * 6^6 = ~9M variants. Considering model baking time (and just logic), that's going to be processed for a long time. Trans
  5. I already have an IModel with 18 different textures which are dynamically picked for each state depending on the blockstate, so I need dynamic transparency.
  6. Hi. How can I change the block transparency dynamically (depending on the blockstate)? Is it possible via IModel?
  7. Jezz, it's finally working... Thank you very much for your help!
  8. I also considered this option, but I thought that there might be a more efficient way to do it. Well, I'll try it now.
  9. Thanks, it's working, but I'm facing another problem now: I need data from extended blockstate in order to retexture the model, but it's only available in IBakedModel#getQuads. If I retexture cached model here I won't be able to bake it to IBakedModel and get its quads...
  10. I get IModel from ModelLoaderRegistry, it's parsed from untextured json file determined in IModel#getDependencies, I can't retexture it... UPD: Or can I?.. What map do I pass as a param?
  11. I still don't get where can I apply my texture. For example, here: IModel subComponent = ModelLoaderRegistry.getModel(MODELS[5]); TextureAtlasSprite sprite = bakedTextureGetter.apply(TEXTURES[texIndex]); // Where do I use it? IBakedModel bakedModelWest = subComponent.bake(state, format, bakedTextureGetter);
  12. Hey, is there any help other than answers for "how do I create an item" on this forum? I'm trying to solve this problem for two weeks and have already tried json, forge json multimodes and TESR. It seems IModel is finally what I need, but how can I change the texture of a BakedQuad or how do I create a textured and tinted BQ?
  13. Hm, I managed to create a correctly working model (thanks to TGG's tutorial), but how do I dynamically retexture it? Is it possible to add textures to already baked quads?
  14. Hi. I need custom block model that can pick textures dynamically (because json will generate 2^6 * 6^6 (3M) models in this case), but this system (I looked through ModelDynBucket) seemed unreasonably complicated for me. Is it possible to bake the model using json model and only change retexturing? Or I'll have to deal with all this transforms and builders stuff for such a small change?
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