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  1. this is a perfect solution!Thank you again!
  2. I Generate 400 Blocks of Rail in a Line in a Class extends IWorldGenerator.But I got no more than 64 rail,and others disappear.How can I do with it?I guess It can be Chunk problem
  3. Can a mod that can't found server md5 run in the SMP?I tested that it works well in SSP/LAN.If can not,how could I find server md5?
  4. In my brain render was some special block/item.What is a render? how to make a block with render?How about client and common communications in rendering?
  5. But that will only be called at the start of the game.How about send packet once a second?
  6. I checked the Packet132TileEntity but have no idea how to send packet of tileentity from server to client?
  7. How to add Damaged items to CreativeTabs?As I make it ,different damage meaning different things.but how to add Damaged items to CreativeTabs?
  8. I can have item named but it can always be white.So how can I make some name to other color?
  9. I don't want to change the code of MC,but how can I change the Resistance of Obsdian?
  10. got it.Just use Forge EntityJoinWorldEvent and entity.setCurrentItemOrArmor and it's all done.
  11. I am writing this and encounterd it.How to judge it wether it is a zombie ot not?
  12. I have made a sword,how to make the zombies spawn randomly to hold the new sword with chance?
  13. Its some kind of emotion expression that means quite excited.its my personal-like.ahaha-
  14. I assume I have made a TNT cannon.It fires TNT out.but how can I decrease the TNT amout in inventory?hehe..
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