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  1. Hey so I used to have an option in /config/forge.cfg called removeErroringEntities=false/true But the newer versions of Forge no longer have this and is now a sort of empty toml file which looks like this below: We have a bugged entity that crashes a friend when they join and usually when this happened you can turn removeErroringEntities to true, make the friend join, then stop the server and turn it off and this would fix the problem but now it seems to no longer be there. Is there any way to get removeErroringEntities and removeErroringTileEntities back into fml.toml?
  2. Hey Draco, Thanks for that. It works quite well, and I've moved my Netty IO dependency to /libs/io/netty.... Theres one tiny issue though, Any part of my mod that accesses Minecraft network channels throws an exception because its looking for my libs/io/netty packaged dependency instead of Minecrafts io/netty/* Would you know if there's a way to have a gradle dependency use a different package while coding, instead of having the imports modified during build?
  3. Hey guys. This might be simple for the gradle pros, but I'm still getting used to it.. I've written a Netty IO server for data and private messaging without needing to be on a particular server, but after a week of debugging it was time to write a forge mod for it.. completely not thinking about this until now, i realise that Minecrafts version of Netty doesn't match mine and compiling and adding the new version of Netty is going to either break my mod, or minecraft.. I kind of need both right now. What can i do in order to get the right version of Netty for my mod to use, without Modifying Minecrafts netty dependency? Is there a way to have a /libs/io.netty to separate and then have the compiler use that too? Thanks.
  4. So im having troubles on where to begin, i just need help getting started, i can do all the render code my self im just a little unsure on what the procedure is.. Is it possible to render an overlay on the barrier block using an existing block texture, such as: Rendering the overlay obsidian over the barrier using tesr? thanks
  5. Quite the opposite, I'm giving barrier blocks a forcefield view/sound upon reaching close proximity. It's an enhancement mod for a vanilla mini game I'm working on.
  6. Hahaha no. While you could certainly tell Forge, "the client doesn't need my mod" and the client will connect, they're not going to see all the special blocks and items you've added. This custom barrier block thing-a-jig you're making? That requires the code to exist on the client for it to work. Like this Quote Well, this is just an enhancement mod for a vanilla server minigame, which is why i wanted to modify Barriers and various other things on the forge client to behave differently to vanilla (who dont see them at all). Ill use TESR/FastTESR, it does sound like the easiest way so far. Sorry for mixing the terms overriding and extending you're right (extending the class, and overriding the methods), it was just my heads way of explaining what i was doing Thanks for alerting me to TESR i probably would have done some unnecessary work if i didnt get told, saved me some future headaches
  7. Got it, coremods are a no-go thanks for clearing that up Wont using TESR for something like this become laggy if there are a lot of blocks? if so my main goal is really to just switch the texture of a block dynamically (and don't need any animation either) when a player walks too close to zones they're not allowed in yet. I couldn't really find anything that suggests I can override a vanilla block which is kind of why I walked closer towards the dark arts of core mods I also want to keep the server vanilla, This way I can still allow vanilla clients along with an enhanced experience if people want to try out Forge.
  8. Even if you have other ideas on modifying vanilla blocks rendering, but don't know how the rendering works, id still like to see your feedback
  9. Hey, i'm looking for a way to modify blocks being rendered on a client. For instance i want to make certain blocks become invisible until someone gets close, a good example of what i'm trying to do is to place a barrier on the ground and change your held item to something else until the barrier on the ground goes invisible, thats what i'm going for. A few things have crossed my mind and one was using a core mod and modify the BlockBarrier.class and override the (getRenderType()) method to return a variable for dynamic modification (like when a player gets close i can set it to either 3 or -1). (i believe -1 ignores rendering, 3 renders like a normal block please confirm this ) Whats the best way to achieve this? I'm currently using minecraft forge 1.8.9
  10. Hi again, Basically what im trying to do is to intercept and change outgoing chat before it gets sent to the server, that way i can modify the format of text with unicode, (just for fun) typing lol would turn into ??? for example. Im trying to make the mod work on vanilla servers, but i found that using ServerChatEvent wont fire when i join random servers Any idea?
  11. -- snip -- Looks like im getting a classnotfound exception? The files are there
  12. Ah that makes sense, I followed these instructions on compiling my dependencies, and it works https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle/wiki/Dependencies But its been spitting out java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry: META-INF/INDEX.LIST How im currently running this: jar { from configurations.embed.collect { exclude '/META-INF/' it.isDirectory() ? it : zipTree(it) } }
  13. Im using IntelliJ Idea 2016.2.4, is that the problem?
  14. Sure no problems, compile 'com.google.apis:google-api-services-youtube:v3-rev181-1.22.0' is what ive been trying to use with gradle
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