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  1. By that you mean... you wont help me?
  2. I can't make a topic on "Support & Bug Reports" and "Suggestions" No i idea why, and i really want to post about my problem so... i will post it here. (Minecraft version: 1.7.10, Forge version: 1.7.10-Forge10.13.4.1558-1.7.10) So, when i place any pipes from Buildcraft (buildcraft-7.1.18) my game is crashing (not instantly). crash report:
  3. nevermind, it doesn't work again... lets just end the topic here, i don't care anymore
  4. WHAT? i deleted the log and it launched? tell me if that supposed to happen
  5. well, i (fully) watched some 5-15 minute youtube videos while waiting... so i dont know why it says that
  6. so i found some fml logs, but i see "fml-client-1", "fml-client-2", "fml-client-3" and "fml-client-latest" which one?
  7. i mean it loads for over 30 minutes
  8. Not sure if it's an issue/bug, but I've installed 1.11.2 Forge and it takes ages to open. It's not stuck, but it loads really long. (keeps reloading "ModelManager") P.S. first time opening 1.11.2 forge
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