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  1. I remember having this issue myself, some time ago. Can't recall how I fixed it but I do know that it was a fairly common problem having to do with Minecraft itself. Optifine actually fixed it for several people, but normally it was a graphics card setting. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/archive/legacy-support/1824238-strange-transparent-borders-on-blocks Here's an archived page from the Minecraft forums detailing the problem.
  2. Actually I find any tutorial is usually only as good as the person who makes them. If the person does the tutorial in a "teaching"-type format it's usually quite useful, even if they only focus on one specific item. On the other hand, if the person just goes "Wanna make a block? Type what I'm typing!" and doesn't bother explaining anything than the tutorial is pretty much worthless. The tutorials I posted above, for example, were very well detailed and as I followed along I was able to leave a lot of comments in my code for what every part of the code does. This helped immensely when I
  3. Great tutorial, but why is this not in the ForgeGradle section? Would be a lot of help over there I believe. Yea, I decided to take on a pretty heavy mod idea for my first 1.10 mod and I'm wandering around doing the same thing. Tons of 1.7.10 tutorials out there but can't find anything anywhere for 1.10+ that goes beyond the basics. That said, if you're stuck on the basics MrCrayfish did a good tutorial series, even though he uses eclipse instead of Intellij IDEA. He starts out working with 1.9 but there's virtually no difference in the code when he later changes the tutor
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