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  1. So the corner points need to look like this: I have tested this again with shulkers but i wanted to be sure about this. I tested this by replacing the Fences with Shulkers and placed them in the middle the fence Shulkers didnt get moved but the ones inside. The new Method after you guys helped me: https://github.com/hnsdieter/FluxedThings2/blob/master/src/main/java/pingubro/fluxedthings/util/FluxedUtil.java#L36-L47 P.S. in my local file I mentioned Draco18s aswell.
  2. public static AxisAlignedBB getWorkingArea(BlockPos pos, EnumFacing face, int radius) { int divide = radius/2; EnumFacing right = face.rotateY(); BlockPos rightNear = pos.offset(right, divide + 1); BlockPos leftFar = pos.offset(face, radius + 1).offset(right, -divide).up(2); return new AxisAlignedBB(rightNear, leftFar); } I tried this now but it is still not working. It looks like this -> Two of the rest are on the east side two on the south side
  3. so expanding everything by one every area is cleared but it seems like the mob list is filled with entities that stand in a one smaller radius then the BB is. But nevermind it is working kind of. So thank you all
  4. /** * Thanks to @diesieben07 * @param pos * @param face * @return */ public static AxisAlignedBB getWorkingArea(BlockPos pos, EnumFacing face, int radius) { int divide; if(radius % 2 != 0){ divide = (radius - 1)/2; }else{ divide = radius / 2; } EnumFacing right = face.rotateY(); BlockPos rightNear = pos.offset(face).offset(right, divide); BlockPos leftFar = pos.offset(face, radius).offset(right, -divide).up(2); return new AxisAlignedBB(rightNear, leftFar); } I thought about this but which parameter should I expand? And even if I find the rigth one will it fix all the shapes?
  5. I had a better idea testing with Shulkers The List always has a size of 16 and when all Shulkers are removed within this list it looks like this. http://imgur.com/a/UHcdY EDIT: Cant insert the image directly in the post sry
  6. I debbuged and I still dont know what is going on sadly. I even copied the getEntitiesWithinAABB method to debug it when it only gets called by my class. Is there a way to disable MobMovement to place an entity on everyblock?
  7. It is still not damaging all Entities in my room for testing purposes. Thanks for updating my method it is much clearer now. Can there be to much Entities for the Method?
  8. Ohh sorry It is supposed to get a 5x5 Area and 2 high BB in front of my block. It takes the facing and the coordinates to calculate the BB. It basically determines the coordinates of the two corners and puts them together
  9. Have you tried this: world.setBlockState(BlockPos, IProperty, int);
  10. public static AxisAlignedBB getWorkingArea(BlockPos pos, EnumFacing face){ int x = pos.getX(); int y = pos.getY(); int z = pos.getZ(); BlockPos cornerFront; BlockPos cornerBack; switch (face) { case NORTH: cornerFront = new BlockPos(x - 2, y, z - 5); cornerBack = new BlockPos(x + 2, y + 2, z - 1); break; case SOUTH: cornerFront = new BlockPos(x + 2, y, z + 5); cornerBack = new BlockPos(x - 2, y + 2, z + 1); break; case WEST: cornerFront = new BlockPos(x - 5, y, z + 2); cornerBack = new BlockPos(x - 1, y + 2, z - 2); break; case EAST: cornerFront = new BlockPos(x + 5, y, z - 2); cornerBack = new BlockPos(x + 1, y + 2, z + 2); break; default: cornerFront = new BlockPos(x, y, z); cornerBack = new BlockPos(x, y + 2, z); break; } return new AxisAlignedBB(cornerFront, cornerBack); } Only return a BB for a 5x2x5 Quad. I also tried spamming Zombies in a 3x3 area. Not all Zombies are dammaged the max i saw was about 8 or so.
  11. I went through my code step by step and cant find the issue. When I throw items in each corner it only gets one. But when they are centered it gets all Items and it also damages the Entities.
  12. Here is my code: https://github.com/hnsdieter/FluxedThings2/blob/master/src/main/java/pingubro/fluxedthings/tileentity/TileMobGrinder.java#L37-L47 EDIT: Removed the synchronized again
  13. Hello, as the title says I am currently using world.getEntitiesWithinAABB but it doesnt seem to get all Entities in the BB. So I printed my BB and checked all the corners nothing was wrong here. In my code I harm all the Entitys instanceof EntityLivingBase with Generic damage. But not all Entities are harmed. Is this because I am damaging them to fast or is it because not all Entities are getted by this Method because the printed List doesnt seem to be the full List of Entities in the BB. I also tried to synchronize the part were I am getting the List no luck.
  14. You have an error log for us or the concrete error
  15. Full link to your repository pls. There are maybe many Projects called aurora
  16. Egit if you use Eclipse VCS if you use IntelliJ
  17. You dont upload zip files. You upload whole sourcepaths und class files. We can view them then. Just install Git or GitHub and use Egit(Eclipse) or VCS(IntelliJ) to maintain the files uptodate
  18. Yes we all want this... Just use GitHub it has only benefits for you and especially us when we try to help.
  19. Ahh ok, when I implement the IStateMapper what things are important to know about this? Do I need to handle everything in my class?
  20. Also the model files in the blockstate and in the model folder do not have the same names
  21. Updated Code and project structure pls
  22. Now there is mybe a typo in the file name of your blockstate. Always give updated code and/or updated project structure with it.
  23. Basically only set the registryName in the Enum. Also in the screen there is a typo "arourablock"
  24. Basically dont use capital letters and the UnlocalizedName and RegistryName should be the same
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