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  1. Im in Offtopic, and i wanted to ask it with *MCP* not with Forge. I mod a Client
  2. Hello everyone, I have the following Problem: I have 2 Jars that i add to my build path and it works fine. Also the Debug mode works fine. But when i Compile it in Eclipse the Class wont be found and i become a game crash.
  3. Hello everyone, I want to change the Displayname at the beginning of the game if it is a special name. How do i do it?
  4. func_175180_a in GuiIngame. Just at the top of the bottom you have to call the method. Done
  5. Yes it was "GLStateManager.enableBlend()" Thx Man!
  6. No no, I just render the Inventoryplayer again to the left down in Ingame. but when i have a item in the hand i become a blackscreen. Yes like xBox
  7. Hello everyone, when i render the Player in the left Corner ingame and i have a item inhand my screen just becomes black. Why?
  8. Why not? I just wanted to ask, because i Find FakePlayer good etc.
  9. I ment a functionally Client. Not a mod. When you compile it you have to become a functionally Client jar. Like mcp just with adding Forge, if that works
  10. Can you code a Client with forge or use the source within? I want to use the Forge Classes and want to add Mods
  11. Yes, but even when i render it in the world it gives me a black screen if i have something in the hand .-.
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