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  1. I tried searching everywhere, could not find a legit answer. Is it possible to add the autocomplete cycle to cycle through players when pressing TAB? (doesn't have to exactly be players, can be other strings inside an array)
  2. I made mods for 1.11.2 too, it's just most people don't like the new PVP system so they chose to stay on 1.8.9
  3. Most players still play on 1.8.9 - and a lot of the mods created for PVP players etc are mainly 1.8.9
  4. Oh, yeah I use 1.8.9 that makes sense.
  5. No idea honestly, it's like it doesn't exist for some reason. It's ok though, it works!
  6. I wasn't able to implement IClientCommand. However, I added an override to the permission level and it works now! thank you!
  7. It says I don't have perms to use the command @Mod.EventHandler public void init (FMLPostInitializationEvent event) { ClientCommandHandler.instance.registerCommand(new commandthing()); } public class commandthing extends CommandBase implements ICommand { @Override public String getCommandName() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return "cmd"; } @Override public String getCommandUsage(ICommandSender sender) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return "use it"; } @Override public void processCommand(ICommandSender sender, String[] args) throws CommandE
  8. Hi I tried adding a command that only the client can see, just to test things out and it did not work for some reason. I tried using the implementation ICommand into a class I added to my main class. I tried searching for hours, but I didn't find anything useful for what I want to do. most of the tutorials are including the server too. This is what I tried doing: public class command implements ICommand { @Override public int compareTo(ICommand arg0) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return 0; } @Override public String getCommandName()
  9. How do you get the player names? in some sort of an object?
  10. I'd like to put all the players that there are in the player list to an array. is this possible?
  11. I need to change someone's skin using my mod - or even reset it but it should change the model of the skin (Alex/Steve model) Is something like this possible?
  12. I'm trying to get the name of the player that send the current chat message. I'm using ClientChatReceivedEvent and I can get the formatted / unformatted text yet I don't know how can I get just the senders name, Anyone knows? thanks.
  13. Maybe it looks like I do because I run it for like 6 times to check 6 different players. The thing is, it works! I just want to know how to detect the "429 Error" and handle it. Is something like this even possible?
  14. No, it's getting called when you join a server, ones. Is that it? [Client thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 429 for URL: api url [Client thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source) [Client thread/INFO]: [STDERR]: at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.access$200(Unknown Source) ...
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