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  1. Than you for the reply I already checked the config file but there is no trace of this option... If i try to change the value of "#Start Id for enchants" i always have error with Ars Magica 2. #Disable Chat Bubbles EnableChatBubbles=true #Uses unique entities ids UseUniqueEntities=true #To use this UseUniqueEntities has to be false EntityStartId=120 #Navigation search range for NPCs. Not recommended to increase if you have a slow pc or on a server NpcNavRange=32 #Set to true if you want the dialog command option to be able to use op commands like tp etc NpcUseOpCommands=false InventoryGuiEnabled=true #Enables CustomNpcs startup update message EnableUpdateChecker=true #Set to false if you want to disable guns GunsEnabled=true #Only ops can create and edit npcs OpsOnly=false #0: Options dialog, 1: Wheel dialog DialogType=0 #Default interact line. Leave empty to not have one DefaultInteractLine=Hello @p #Start Id for enchants EnchantStartId=100
  2. Hello! I'm having issues with a Id enchantment conflict between Custom Npc and Ars Magica 2. I'm playing with a forge version for 1.7.2. I red many topics about it and they only mention about editing the config file to change the problematic Id... My problem is that in both config files i onlt found options about preferences in the game and nothing about an Id list. I found the .class files of the various enchantment conflicts, but since i'm not good in Java at all i don't know what to do Hope someone can help me fml-client-latest.log
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