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  1. Heehee, I think Pop Cat cut them.
  2. Hey Lex, all the words I have stated against you were a result of a long time of bearing a grudge against you. Now, I would like to make things right. When IItemRenderer was originally deprecated, I searched up real quick to see if anyone else was having an issue with the code not being called. I found a thread about it, with you replying to them with something along the lines of it won't be added back since copy-pasters constantly screw it up. At that moment, a grudge formed against you, from my eyes it looked like this: "Because you couldn't tolerate copy-pasters, you made us real programmers suffer too!!!" Since soon after 1.8's release until now I have had this grudge against you. But then this guy comes along asking me to update to 1.11.2. I say no, since IItemRenderer was removed by the forge devs.(As you already know, since he doesn't respect privacy and posts everything that I sent to him back here). After the discussion of this thread, he comes back to me and says all sorts of rude insults, such as lazy and stupid. I proceed to tell him something along the lines of "I make free content for fun, and you treat me this way? Ha! The only profit I have made from this mod was a couple people who love it so much they wanted to donate. I don't even use adf.ly! I haven't made enough from this mod to pay for a week's worth of groceries, I have an actual job for that! This is just for fun!" After sending him that, I started brushing my teeth, and then I started thinking. Your a free content maker too, just like me. You put up with ungrateful, rude people all the time, just as I do. The more I thought about it, the more glad I was that this situation happened. I literally started to smile when I realized I was finally free from my grudge against you, no longer had to carry those negative feelings on me(negative feelings are weighty, I'm sure you can agree.) I also started thinking back to that old thread that I read, and how much it would piss me off if I were you and copy-pasters caused tons of reports to come to you about the GL mess that they made. I completely understand your decision now. Whenever someone has asked me to update my mod, I used "IItemRenderer was removed by the forge devs" as an excuse, due to the grudge I bore against you. The real reason is because my goal is to make a World War 2 mod that stretches across all the theatres of WW2, something that no game has ever done. It is my dream to be able to play such a game, and updating my mod would cause a lot of hindrances to that dream. Of course, the removal of IItemRenderer did add to that a bit, but it was mainly the fact that because 1.7.10 is the currently the most used version by the community due to the wealth of mods for it(like 1.6.4 was for a long time), I would be forced to maintain multiple versions of the mod to satisfy both the majority and the minority, which is time consuming. Time is precious, and with a job having to maintain multiple versions would hinder my dream a ridiculous amount. Once my dream is realized, I will most likely update the mod. It was so much easier to just blame everything on you, than type out my complicated, emotional, real reason. Everyone else just accepted my answer. But then today all that changed through one very determined user.... I came here to make things right. I sincerely apologize for all this drama. Though you never knew it all this time, I also apologize for bearing a grudge against you. It was wrong of me. Will you forgive me for feeling that way? Side Note: Thank you Pop Cat, for indirectly making me realize the similarities I share with Lex, and how my grudge against him was wrong. If it weren't for you, I might have never let go....
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