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  1. HI i have been trying to install Not Enough Items but have been encountering a problem.I have a bunch of other mods installed as well.I have Forge universal 265.I am putting too many items in the mods folder.I go into a world and press o.NEI doesnt apear.i have been trying all day. i dont think any of my forge mods are conflicting with it.
  2. I'm wondering how to install the Xray mod into Technic?.I've tried a few "tutorials" from youtube, and none of them work. Same problem every time, i load up technic and it's just a blank white screen where the "Mojang" loading screen is supposed to be. Sorry for i am a noob. Ive tried everything i know I don't where to post this question Plz help me
  3. I've just updated to minecraft 1.4.5, so I went about re-installing all of my mods, starting with FML (Forge ModLoader), and it won't start saying my minecraft configuration is incompatible, checking my log reveals that it is doing this because my .jar is for 1.4.5, and forge is for 1.4.4. How can I run forge on minecraft 1.4.5?
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