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  1. Thank you for the advice. Regarding vanilla items, would it be easier to create "pseudo-vanilla" items that would behave like the vanilla ones, but are added by my mod? For example, if I create an "ItemNewDiamondSword" class and set it up, would that be easier to access and use than the original?
  2. Hi! I'm working on a mod that adds "sentient items" into Minecraft - think something along the lines of the Transistor from the game of the same name, or the Corrupted Ashbringer from WoW. The concept of sentient items is that they get stronger the more they get used; they get XP from using them - whether it's killing things for swords and bows, breaking blocks for pickaxes and shovels, either of those for axes, or taking damage for armor. They can't be crafted (with one exception), but can only be found from killing boss mobs or looting dungeon chests. Any vanilla tool or armor (save for hoes
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