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  1. Well I solved it for me. I just restarted my computer and everything is working fine. I'm sorry I didn't try that sooner.
  2. Nope. none of the typical forge files are there.
  3. Well if its at all possible I would like to stick to my normal launcher and just fix the error I am having another way then.
  4. So your telling me the only way to fix this is by using a custom launcher?
  5. I said because it doesn't crash there's no log that i know of. so I'm not sure what you mean.
  6. I installed the latest version of forge and opened minecraft to make sure it was installed. However minecraft is now stuck on the updating screen. I read a previous post that said to try and delete the meta inf and when I did that it stopped working all together. So I cleaned everything and re installed the latest version and have been waiting for it to finish updating. It doesn't crash so there's no log that I am aware of.
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