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  1. unfortunately this did not work, same crash. I tried 4 other versions. https://pastebin.com/HhK52nYy Real quick TileEntity, thank you for your insane amount of help! everytime i ran into an issue and found another post with issues you were almost ALWAYS there. you are an amazing person my friend. thank you again.
  2. Hello there, i've been getting a lot better at reading crash logs and sorting out my issues, but this one has me stumped. here is my crash log; https://pastebin.com/B2sTs1Tx anything helps! thanks. if you have any questions, lmk.
  3. lol i said im new, what logs? https://www.minecraftcapes.co.uk/Download/ this is the mod
  4. i am new to this and i installed the capes mod but dont know how to get it to work. it wont run for some reason and idk how to make it a mod, please help
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