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  1. Fair enough, I'm alright with that. Would you happen to know where Minecraft initially pushes things to OpenGL based on what it is (block type, or block/entity)? Unless it uses the same settings for everything, in which case I'll probably have to pass. I feel like changing that would make it incompatible with a lot of mods.
  2. This should help a lot. Thank you! As for the other points, does anyone know how to the renderer to use a custom shader? The code I've seen thus far was pure Java and only enabled/disabled effects used by vanilla, not using fully custom-written shaders. For my project I specifically need to override the fragment shader.
  3. I know how to render .obj models in a typical situation. I was asking how it's done in a TileEntitySpecialRenderer because it seems like that's the only way to add custom OpenGL code to it.
  4. Hey! I made a GLSL shader in C++ a while back which takes a model (.obj) and paints it using an a skybox-like cubemap. It would also mix that on a 50/50 ratio with a standard texture it had. Made it look really nice and mystical. I've spent hours trying to find out how to apply custom shaders to Forge custom model blocks in Java and I'm no closer replicating that effect in Minecraft. How would I override the renderer and shader for my block? How would I make it use a .obj file (any TileEntitySpecialRenderer code I've seen uses block ModelRenderers in a ModelBase extending class) ? I'm new new to Minecraft modding (only just came back to it a week ago) but I'm definitely not new to programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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