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  1. Yes CJ I know you can do it with CTM, Optifine,McPatcher, and forge, but I know there is a way of doing it without using those mods as in the video I linked above. I have the models json files that will create each facing block as well as the blockstates file that references the models (or at least I think I have it right). The only problem I run into is that it doesn't actually use the different models when placing the glass blocks next to each other like it would IF it were a ctm.
  2. I am hoping CJ that you can answer my question. I am VERY new to the whole models, block states, and json files thing, but I am wondering how I can make or created connected textures like glass without the use of forge, mcpatcher, or optifine? I know there is a way of doing it as I just watched a video on it here. Please let me know how this is done as I want to learn how to do it for myself without having to rely to heavily on someone to do it for me or a mod to do it instead.
  3. Thread can be closed now and thank you all again.
  4. Ok I am new to the whole github experience especially when trying to read the info that is on the link you gave me. So I didn't know whether that was something that was going to fix the issue or if it was up to optifine to fix. Thank you for your reply and the information you provided.
  5. Ok so does that mean that is going to be something that will change in the next version or am I going to have to wait for optifine to fix the problem? Or is there a possible work around that will get optifine to work with the .2296 version?
  6. Can you please explain to me why that would change from forge version .2294 and .2295 to .2296? I have used Optifine up until the final version without any problems until now. I am just curious as to what has changed that would make optifine cause this kind of problem.
  7. Here are the 2 log files for the crash. latest.log crash-2017-05-09_15.32.11-server.txt
  8. I have been using the latest versions of Forge with each release and all of the mods I have been using with it ALL worked up until I installed Forge version .2296 at which point it crashes the game back to the launch screen. The mods I have been using without problem or error have been LiteLoader liteloader-installer-1.11.2-00-SNAPSHOT, Ambient Occlusions Xray mod XRay-48, Optifine 1.11.2 HD U B7, mod-villagemarkermod-client-1.3.1-mc1.11.2, Toro's Damage Indicator mod torohealth-1.11.2-11, and More-Furnaces-Mod-1.11.2. Now before you tell me to check with those mod Authors I have ran my own setups to narrow down where or what was causing the crash. I ran it with .2294 (worked), .2295 (worked), .2296 (crashed), and with the .2296 began systematically removing 1 mod at a time and running it til it stopped crashing and it only stopped crashing after ALL mods were removed and only running Forge .2296, but as I said all of the mods using liteloader extended from the .2294 and .2295 all worked before upgrading to Forge .2296. I can provide screenshots as well to prove that they worked prior to the crash.
  9. I am curious how I am suppose to make a report on github about the latest release crashing when the previous version works just fine?
  10. Thank but which part of that thread should I be looking at? and has the fix already been implemented in the current version or will it be part of the new release? I apologize I jumped the gun in asking the question. Thank you all for putting up with me on this. Keep up the good work.
  11. Ok so it has been 11 days since I have posted what I believe to be a Forge error and have yet it seems to have anyone from Support actually give me any advice or confirm/deny that this is indeed an error.
  12. In your "mods" folder create a folder called "1.8.9" (no quotes) and place all of your 1.8.9 mods in that folder and then when you launch Minecraft with either the old or new launcher using the Forge Profile it will look in that folder to load all of your mods for you.
  13. I thought that is what I was doing here. I thought that this was a bug report.
  14. I have tried it with recommended and latest versions. I did all the testing starting with all mods and removed them 1 by 1 until all I had left was liteloader and Forge. I then tried it with just liteloader and worked just fine, so I tried it in just vanilla and it also worked just fine. Tried it with Forge and still had the issue.
  15. If you place a comparator on a block next to a brewing stand on a locked hopper and Hoppers pointing into the brewing stand for water bottles, blaze powder fuel, and potion ingredients and then have the brewing stand full with any or all of the aforementioned items the comparator turns on as it should. However, if you unlock the hopper under the brewing stand so that it completely empties and there is nothing left in the brewing stand the comparator does not turn off. I am using the latest 1.11.2 Forge installer.
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