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  1. Hi, I need thirdpersondistance in 1.12.2 to be public? Access transformers are shit, they don't even work on compiled environnement, shit stuff! Maybe 1.15 has changed back EntityRenderer#orientCamera code? Idiot choice to put hardcoded values in that function, I can't even change my camera when riding huge entities, thanks Forge! Anyway sry for being rude, and thanks in advance! (idc if my post is deleted cuz of my manner )
  2. Hi guys, i'd like to know by which calcul I could be able to offset my 3d model of x blocks. I found that 0.06F equals one pixel on X-axis (with 16x16 resolution), but until the 16th pixel, it seems that the equality is no more true. If i multiply that constant by 16 to offset 1 block, the 3d model arrives nearly at the 15th pixel, so 1 pixel before. So guys could you be able to help me finding a mth relation between OpenGL unit and mc mesure. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, i don't exactly know how to explain my problem, but the thermos server sends a custom payload packet as a first byte: the packet discriminator, and after my string content. But this String appears empty at the receiving on my client forge modded. Here is the code: Plugin (send): https://pastebin.com/JzzXu5jB always tried with ByteArrayDataOutput, but same result Packet: https://pastebin.com/UmV36UQP Saving packet lines: https://pastebin.com/1iccd4T6 (mod) https://pastebin.com/B6AaxWn5 (plugin) Thanks in advance! Don't hesitate if you need some additional code =)
  4. Do you think that jme 3 (or maybe another physic engine) is able to easily allow me adding such a accurate hitbox ?
  5. This is not at all the easiest way to achieve what i want. I mean that i added a bus, and because of the fact that hitboxes do not support rotations, all will be very difficult, and even worse if i decided to create fake entities. No one knows a library which succeed in doing the feature of a third setSize parameter: the depth ? I read some topics, but nothing conclusive about that Anyway thanks jabelar for your quick answer !
  6. Hello, today i'd like to know how it would be possible to make a entity hitbox depth parameter no relative to its width, like minecraft does by default. I mean that i have a large entity on the z-axis, i just wanted to know how, by editing some entity functions or by a coremod, decide the depth, like a Entity#setSize with a third parameter. Thanks in advance !
  7. Fixed using Entity#shouldRenderInPass to render translucide part during pass number 1.
  8. That's a bus, an entity rendered by an obj file. They were invisible behind the bus just before i decided to add the 4 attributes of my previous message. Do i need to modify something concerning them ?
  9. It sounds like a culling issue, by the fact that all entities wandering behind mine literally disappear. I'm pretty sure that occurs since they believe it's behind something of not transparent, and doesn't need to be visible on the screen. Have you got a fix, or a link to help me =) ? Thanks for your quick answer as well! EDIT: Here's the result: When i'm using this attributes: glEnable(GL_CULL_FACE); glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.1f); glDepthMask(true);
  10. Any idea, do you need some code ? I looked into RenderSlime class, i really have to create a layer class or some OpenGL attributes can fix the problem in ModelBase#render ? Thanks in avance!
  11. Hi guys, i'm encountering a problem concerning the renderer of my custom entity. It contains some glasses, which are perfectly rendered about tranparancy, but problem occurs when background entities are wandering behind it, they literally disappear, any ideas of fix ? My OpenGL attributes are GL_BLEND and (GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA), do i need to enable/disable other ones ? Thanks in advance!
  12. I need to modify the final field each tick, so reflection may cause performance penalty, right ?
  13. Hi, i just wanted to know if AT are able to remove final modifier or not ? If that is the case, how am i supposed to process ? Thanks in advance !
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