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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm trying to make a furnace, and I got everything set up but I'm having one problem, when I try and smelt items, I put some cobblestone/raw porkchop in and the smelting result is 1 item, 4 items, 16 items, 32 items, then 64 items. (Instead of 1 item, 2 items, 3 items, 4 items, etc. as it should be.) So that makes it when you put 5 items in it smelts them all into a stack of whatever the result is. Another problem is a lot of times if I try and pull it out before it is a full stack, the items will disappear. Last problem is after it smelts the first stack(Or I pull items out early) it won't put ANY more items into the result slot, it just uses up the input without putting anything into the output. Now I have narrowed it down to this one function I have. public static ItemStack getSmeltingResultForItem(ItemStack stack) { else return FurnaceRecipes.instance().getSmeltingResult(stack); } That is returning the crazy doubling numbers I'm seeing. Even more so, when I replace the above code with this. public static ItemStack getSmeltingResultForItem(ItemStack stack) { if(stack.getItem()==Item.getItemFromBlock(Blocks.COBBLESTONE)) { return new ItemStack(Item.getItemFromBlock(Blocks.STONE), 1); } else return FurnaceRecipes.instance().getSmeltingResult(stack); } It works perfect for cobblestone, but then has the same problem with raw pork-chop or anything else I put in. For a better view of my code I will put all related classes in KSTileEntityBlessedFurnace TileEntityContainerBase ContainerBlessedFurnace BlockBlessedFurnace I wouldn't think you would need all this code to figure out the problem, but just in case I put it all there. (It also has a gui I just didn't put that here)
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