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Can't install Forge

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I've been trying to install forge. When I first downloaded it, it showed up in my downloads folder as opening with firefox, so I went into properties for that file and changed the default app. I wasn't sure what exactly to change it to - within the "Java" folder in my program files, there are about 8 different applications - but I chose the one that said "java" as the file name. When i went back to the properties window, it showed up as now opening with "Java (TM) platform SE binary".

I tried opening it.

A command prompt opened briefly, then closed. Nothing else happened. I thought my firewall might have been interfering, so I turned off the firewall for private networks (which is what i'm connected to, i checked).

It still didn't work - exact same issue (command prompt, no command prompt, silence).

I'm not sure what else to try, short of trying every application in the Java program folder... but everything except for the one I tried has some sort of gobbledigook abbreviation for a name (so that doesn't seem like it would be it).

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