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  1. I would check out https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8146793/no-suitable-driver-found-for-jdbcmysql-localhost3306-mysql for some suggestions. You should also post a link to a github repo of the project, or at the very least post classes trying to connect to the database.
  2. Of course they did, because what you want to do probably can't be done with their software.
  3. You should leave your post as-is, and just add the world solved to the title, and perhaps even explain the solution, instead of deleting the entire thing. This helps people in the future that may have the same issue fix it when they do a search.
  4. Please post full logs, including full errors messages. An exception can be caused by approximately 1 zillion things.
  5. The FirstPersonMod is for clients, not servers, try removing it. If it still crashes, post new logs. *edit: looks like you have other client mods on there too, I saw mousetweaks. Make sure to consult mod descriptions/instructions for if they are compatible with dedicated servers.
  6. If you go browse some mods on curseforge, some of them will have links back to their source. The link is usually in the row of links right above the main area of the mod description.
  7. Not a problem, really the main thing people take offense to around here is not knowing basic Java (syntax, classes, inheritance, scope, etc), and not showing code/logs, especially after being asked. Besides that, I don't think people mind repeated requests for help. It also helps if you try something(s), so you show motivation, and also have some code to share. "I'm trying to do this, here's what I tried, here's what it does/doesn't do that I don't expect" will get way more help than "How do I do this?" with no attempt at all.
  8. 1.14 is out of support, you'd be better off going for 1.16 or right for 1.17; once there is a release build of 1.17, I believe 1.15 will be out of support as well.
  9. More or less same deal as the other responders, but would also like to add, get a github account if you don't have one, and learn how to use your IDE with git. It makes managing your own code so much easier, you can roll back changes, create branches, etc. etc. and probably one of the more helpful, you can link to it here if you have a problem, and you get much more help with a working* codebase than just describing your problem, or copy/pasting a couple classes into a forums post. (*working - includes what is needed to be capable of being built/run, if there are errors you can't figure out, people can/will often help) I'm with you on video tutorials, they're terrible, whoever thought videos were a good medium for coding tutorials was high AF. That's the generation we're in though, if it's not a video, no one cares.
  10. Try deleting that jei-client.toml file in your config folder.
  11. Have you tried stepping through your code with the debugger? I'd set a breakpoint at the beginning of the canSustainPlant method and step through it to see what's going down.
  12. You need to open a terminal window, and make sure you are in the same folder/directory as the installer. Then run
  13. Run the installer from the commandline and post the output. If it generates an installer log (same filename as installer but ends with .log if you can see file extensions) post that as well.
  14. There are errors, the file was just too big to show in the viewer, you have to click the "view the full file" link. This error seems to be spamming towards the end of the log (also, lots of bad loot table errors that don't really say where they're from) It also finishes off with a nice GL error, and a tick taking 3 minutes:
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