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  1. Try using Java 8 instead of 16 when using MC/Forge 1.16.5
  2. At the top of the page there's a link for "Docs", go there, make sure you're on 1.16.x, and look for "Events". Pretty simple.
  3. Nope, you could edit the title and add [SOLVED] to it so people see it was solved. Also adding a post explaining your fix would be a nice thing to do, in case someone runs into a similar issue, and actually searches the forums first, they may come across your post and get the help they need!
  4. Please post the full debug log, it will have more information in it.
  5. Forge does not support Java 16, at least not until 1.17 comes out. Best to use 8 since that's what Mojang ships.
  6. More information is needed. If this is for a version lower than 1.15, it is no longer supported. If it is 1.15 or higher, please post your debug.log from the server and the client, and that should give people something to start with to figure out what's up.
  7. Old versions of forge are no longer supported, you will need to update to receive support. There banner at the top of most pages on these forums tell which versions are supported.
  8. Please post your latest log from attempting to launch the game, it should tell us what's going on.
  9. Please post your server log, it should give a clue what's going on.
  10. It looks like you may be trying to reply to someone's support post, you instead you created a new one.
  11. Not based on those filenames you aren't. For instance, the "VanillaFoodPantry-Mod-1.16.5.jar" is not named that on Curseforge, it is named vanillafoodpantry-mc1.16.5-6.0b5.jar So, wherever you got some of those mods from, good luck!
  12. It also looks like you are downloading some mods from sketchy websites. (Pretty much any mod that has -Mod in the name is (usually) from one of these sketchy sites.) You should only download mods from Curseforge, or directly from the developer, because these crappy sites will rename files to give them wrong versions, wrong MC versions, and who knows what other crap they stuff in there that could be harmful to your computer. Not to mention they are redistributing work that is not theirs without permission. See https://stopmodreposts.org/ for more information on bad sites, and why they are
  13. Well, the error says you're running out of memory, and it would seem you're pretty much giving it all you got, so I would try removing some mods and trying again. "It worked before" doesn't really matter, either the game is taking more memory than before (updates/more mods/etc), or your system has less ram available (more programs running, programs in the background, memory leaks, etc).
  14. I'm not sure what to tell you then, the crash you posted clearly says there is not enough memory. When does the crash happen? When loading a saved world, or before you even get to the main menu screen? If it's when loading a save, does it still do that if you create a new world?
  15. You need to make this bigger. If it doesn't work, then you don't have enough RAM in your computer to run what you are trying to run, and will probably have to remove some mods and try again. How much RAM is in your computer?
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