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  1. You sort of wrote yourself into a corner there..... But, truthfully, 1.7 is no longer supported due to being so old, only the current (1.16.x) and previous (1.15.x) versions are supported. You will need to update to a modern version to receive support.
  2. Looks like you're trying to use OptiFine for 1.16.4 with 1.16.5 OptiFine is very specific about which versions of forge it works with. Try removing it and see if that helps, or read the OptiFine changelog for information on which versions work with which forge.
  3. It is exactly that. Old forge versions work, but they are not supported. Just like if you decided you wanted to run Windows XP on your computer, you could make it work, sure, but if you ask Microsoft for help, they'll tell you that you need to get a newer version of Windows.
  4. Fix the recipes the errors are about, the errors aren't about your sweet potato can
  5. Never post code as screenshots, that is probably the #1 worst way to share it (maybe besides a video). Best way is to create a github, and post your project on there, then share a link here. If you're just sharing a small portion, copy & paste directly to your forum post inside code tags (the < > button at the top of the composition part of the screen)
  6. Make a new topic, and post your own logs, your problem might not be the same even if you think it is.
  7. If you do not know some basic Java, you will want to do that first, or you will have a terrible time trying to make mods. Just sayin'. If you already do, or once you have, McJty has good tutorials to get your feet wet in the MC/Forge stuff: https://wiki.mcjty.eu/modding/index.php?title=YouTube-Tutorials
  8. I myself cannot tell by the error which mod is causing the crash. You may have to add/remove mods little by little to narrow down the misbehaving one. I personally would start with this one: Since the author didn't even change the mod name or mod ID to something besides "examplemod". Anything that modifies the menus/world creation options and stuff could be the culprit as well, as it appears as though the error is being thrown from gui objects. Try removing those and seeing if it helps. Make sure if you post back here to post new logs! Good luck!
  9. I believe the mappings take care of method and field names, but not parameter names. I thought I saw somewhere there was a project going on working to give them names, but I haven't got and more info on that.
  10. But, did you install what wawla needs? Read the error again. Also, if it doesn't work, post new logs please
  11. The answer is right there in the crash report
  12. No prob, hope it helps, and I did find dimension files in twilight forest, they just ended up being in the generated folder, which I hadn't thought to check. Feel free to post back with any tips/info you find, in case others search the forums for this same/similar issue.
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