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getStackInSlot outputs null when items are inside


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My Background:
I'm relatively new to Modding with Forge. I have done it once before when I was new to programming, however now I am attempting it again now that I have sophisticated knowledge on coding. However that does not mean I am extremely familiar with the libraries of Forge, which is most likely the reason for this post


I'm trying to get the inventory of a 1 slot container, however it keeps crashing every time I do so. To do this, I getStackInSlot(0) in order to get the first slot. However for some reason I get a NullPointerException when I invoke that. I isolated the thing that is invoking the error to this line:


The problem is not te (short for tile entity) which was concluded during previous debugging. It thinks that the Stack in Slot 0 is null. Currently, TE is declared as the following:

TileEntityToilet te = (TileEntityToilet) world.getTileEntity(pos);

The odd thing is, the Client outputs null while the server outputs the correct item that is inside the container (btw it's a toilet). In conclusion I figured out that the Client isn't syncing with the Server upon startup. The issue is that I don't know how to fix this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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