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  1. I'm super super sorry for posting a non-supported version of forge on here but I've been researching this for 5 days to no avail! I'm really really desperate and any help is needed. It also took my 7 hours to set up this Forge thing on my computer, and I really don't want to deal with another 7 hours of errors which is why I I'm trying to avoid updating. When I finally got it to work with 1.8.9 I was really happy but I don't want to repeat that hell again. Thanks for the help! ALSO! IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO THIS FOR DAYS NOW. And if you think I'm exaggerating
  2. How do I reference a subtype of an item (I think that's what it's called)? When doing crafting recipes I do this: new ItemStack(ModItems.fertilizer, 1, 1) However in this case I want to do if (tileEntity.getStackInSlot(0).getItem() == subitem) You would think that you could do if (tileEntity.getStackInSlot(0).getItem() == new ItemStack(ModItems.fertilizer, 1, 1).getItem()) but instead it just gets you the default item (fertilizer with a meta of 0). how would i reference a subtype of an item that I could compare that specific type in an if statement?
  3. Thank you for the first part ("correct"). The second response, I understand how to reduce it, but I was wondering if there was a more efficient way to reduce. The way I did it was have 2 variables: growingTime, reductionGear Every update the reductionGear goes up by 1. Every 25 times it increments, the growing time increments. I'm not an idiot (well actually I am since I'm still in 9th grade although I did skip 1 entire grade and got bumped up in CS&E and Spanish class), but I was wondering if there was like an @Override method that did that same thing more efficiently. Su
  4. Sorry, but I also don't know how to reduce the time in between each time the update() is called. Any suggestions?
  5. oh okay. so this is only something that would happen if the game was extremely slow. but if one was running okay, and another was running really well, they would be called at the rates right?
  6. Oh ok, so that was actually my question: if the game is slower, will the update method be called less, and when it's faster, will the update method be called more frequently? If that's the case, how do I solve this? I remember doing something to fix that once in a pure Swing Java program, but I don't know how I would do that in minecraft.
  7. Thank you! Yes it is a TileEntity. I'm just using the update method so what I think you are saying is that the update() from ITickable is called a constant rate. Thank you very much
  8. I'm using the ITickable#update() method to update the loading progress of my Growing Chamber. However I do want to make sure that the update() method is called in between constant intervals. I couldn't find any confirmation online, and for anyone helping I did research ahead of time. Pestering people on forums is always my last resort. Thank you in advance!
  9. I'm just pressing the run button. everything works- all the functionalities and everything, it's just getting a file not found exception. Here is a link to the error I'm getting in case you need an aid https://hatebin.com
  10. yeah well it wasn't working for some reason. Either way, I just ran that command and it said it built successfully. unfortunately I still got the error when running it
  11. It was insane. The gradle versions were off then Eclipse couldn't run the VM or something like that and then my JDK was corrupted and I switched to IntelliJ which had problems with the environment variables and then the JAVA_OPTIONS and JAVA_HOME were causing problems so I had to switch versions and oh man it was honestly a nightmare- but worth it im having a lot of fun coding my poop mod
  12. just to make sure, this won't mess up any of my setup right? I spent 7 hours trying to get this to work while combing through errors and I do not feel obligated to do it again....
  13. do I run it in powershell? To build my files I just do .\gradlew build do I do .\gradlew genIntelliJRuns?
  14. I did some research and I can't find where genIntelliJRuns is. It's not in my project nor in my project folder.
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