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I accidentally clicked extract in the download menu and downloaded


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Hi there, I am a very dumb person. So, I need help trying to figure out some way to fix my mistake but I'm to dumb to figure it out right now so I'm asking for your help. opened a 1.12.2 forge installer after reading a tutorial online. the mod system installer pops up and displays the three options, for some reason I though "Hey I got this." and clicked the extract option and clicked ok. the window closes and then I have a text file appear in my desktop and I think "that's not support to happen."

I tried to do everything I could think of like using the terminal, trying to put the file in the right spot, and whatever else I could find on the internet to try to help me. it wont let me go back to the mod system installer to fix it so I'm just stuck. 

simply ask of what i need to show you and ill do my best to find it. 


thank you

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