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Error, Exit Code: 0 upon launching 1.16.5 modpacks, please help!

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I tried installing and playing a new vanilla plus modpack by pwrdown but can't get the modpack to load (did a manual install).

Modpack is 1.16.5. Mod author suggested disabling dynamic trees but that didn't stop the crashing and throwing "Exit Code: 0". Tried updating all mods that needed updating in the pack, disabling some random ones (I tried to disable ones where I saw the modpack crashed in the loading process). Uninstalled and redownloaded the pack. No change. Updated my graphics driver and verified java is up-to-date, which it is. Deleted and relaunched a vanilla 1.16.5 version folder (that loads fine).

After not being able to load that modpack, I tried a couple other modpacks for 1.16.5, both crashed during loadup, just like the first one, giving same error code.

I assume something must be getting missed on my end but I have no idea where to look or what to look for as I am not techy whatsoever. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached is what I assume is the error log? Please know, I am NOT TECHY at all, so if this is not the right log, please tell me where I can find the correct one so I can upload it instead, thank you.




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  • MyNyx changed the title to Error, Exit Code: 0 upon launching 1.16.5 modpacks, please help!

I tried creating my own "modpack" with no mods.

Forge 36.1.0, version 1.16.5

Same error as before, exit code: 0, upon attempting to load this "empty" modpack. This is the log for that. I have no idea what this stuff means. PLEASE HELP??



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