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Using a coded Biome in Json Dimensions?


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Basically, I already have 5 Biomes that I have made that work without errors, have custom features, etc.

Up until now I have been using single biome worlds to view/tweak said biomes, but the ultimate goal was to get them into their own dimension.

Now, I know I could just transfer the biomes over to Json and be done with it all, but I would rather keep everything but the dimension and things like structures as code. 

My reasons, the Json method seems less intuitive (much more difficult to tell when something has been done wrong) and I have special things in place such as with my custom surface builder that I would have to reference in the biome jsons anyways (No reason not to just reference the biomes in the dimension json at that point).

So, is there a way to use the coded biomes in my json dimension. I am willing to use "hacky" methods just so long as errors and lag don't become a problem somehow (to be honest, the last time I tried making json biomes I ended up wiht this weird "invalid biome id" error that lagged the world to death that I just couldn't figure out).

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