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[1.16.5] Problems rejoining world

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Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented world from loading. You can either try to load only with vanilla datapack ("safe mode") or go back to title screen and fix it manually.

I get this error every time I rejoin a world. I've included my modlist. I do not have any datapacks. I am able to create a world and play it, but as soon as I exit and rejoin, it errors.

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[26Jun2021 12:22:02.631] [Render thread/ERROR] [com.telepathicgrunt.blame.Blame/]: 
****************** Blame Report 1.16.5-3.2.3-forge ******************

 A crash is most likely going to happen right after this report!
 It seems illagers_plus:illager_fort | illagers_plus:illager_fort is the cause because it is not added 
 to the FlatGenerationSettings.STRUCTURES map. Please let the mod owner 
 of that structure know about this crash. That way they can add their structure 
 to that map since someone is trying to spawn it in a flat/custom dimension. 


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