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[1.16] Client-Side run command as op

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I want to execute Player from the server to run the /give command by sending a packet , I try to let player send a packet to the server then the server runs

 XXX.handleCommand(AdminLevelSource(Player), RunCommandPacket.getCommand());

But it will close the player's connection and throw an error


IllegalStateException-An invalid packet was received, and the connection was aborted

What is the solution?

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hmm a new problem when I try to debug it

It throws error when buf.readString()

package xxx;

import net.minecraft.network.PacketBuffer;

public class RunCommandRequest
  public RunCommandRequest(String i_Command)
    Command = i_Command;

  public String GetCommand() {
    return Command;

  private RunCommandRequest()
  public static RunCommandRequest decode(PacketBuffer buf)
    RunCommandRequest retval = new RunCommandRequest();
    retval.Command = buf.readString(); //error
    return retval;
  public void encode(PacketBuffer buf)

  private String Command;


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ModTestChannel.registerMessage(RunCommandRequest_ID, RunCommandRequest.class,
              RunCommandRequest::encode, RunCommandRequest::decode,

i sure i have register it, anyway I will try the one that takes an int as its argument.

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