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  1. For entities to do "AI tick logic". e.g. movements not called when it is no longer "alive"
  2. Actually I have a one last question, if I managed to compress the images to lower qualities, e.g. size of around 100 KB or even less (hopefully not!), will it still be an issue to communicate them with clients? Or it really depends on the situation (user end)?
  3. Was curious more on the custom server i/o (without using resource packs), and the image transfer since the image will be way larger than a map does. In fact I just realised that some of the images are around 4~5 MB... probably not a good idea to transfer them then... sorry for bothering and thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, first of all, thanks for the reply. How about only send the data when requested? For example the client can decide whether they want to requesting and get the images. I'm also not considering using external links and such, maybe something like how maps are handled?
  5. Normally this should (probably?) be done with resource packs but it is not something I like much. So, as title, how viable, is reading resources, e.g. pictures and images from the server and send them to clients? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm honestly not sure how Vanilla handle that with potion, but maybe try register your own ItemColors, then you can give different tint index to the different cubes, or more specifically, faces. Those values will be given when asking you to calculate your own colour. For example, I have north tint index 3, south index 2, then I will have something like: return tintIndex == 2 ? red : blue; or something like that, depends on what you want
  7. Hi, what's the trade-off here? I've recently used java model for blocks (TESR) to render lots of repeating units in a block instead of direct rendering call, is it not recommended? And how? Thanks.
  8. There is writeToNBT and readFromNBT?
  9. You can achieve it using java models (more specific rotations), like tridents and shields.
  10. https://github.com/Tucky143/Buzz/blob/main/src/main/java/example/examplemod/villager/ModVillagers.java#L35 I think you need to use the SRGG nname instead of mapped ones Ah, wrong thread.
  11. You should be passing your own menu type into super
  12. TE = Tile Entity, or Block Entity in recent versions. I believe you need one for yourself (both MenuType and BlockEntityType) since certain TE/BEs only allows certain blocks (e.g. Vanilla Furnace TE/BE does not work on a custom furnace). It's also better to post your TE/BE and Menu class along with where and how you register your custom types.
  13. I can find it in both latest 1.18 and 1.19 Forge version, right below the reach distance.
  14. The warning means the block and the TE does not match, where and how do you register your TE? Is your block added to the list when constructing your TE?
  15. I don't know what a TickHandler is, but you can store the stack in the tile entity, after a duration (maybe just an int field increment every tick), and spawn after time expires. Check BlockEntityTicker, or ITickableTileEntity in older versions (1.16/1.18? I can't remember.)
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