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  1. Probably something like: goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch((goal) -> goal.getGoal() instanceof MyGoal)
  2. It's just named differently, but the same method. From what I can see you are saving the player to the block not the tileentity (otherwise new placer will replace old placers!), and Since the placer can be null, this does not make sense, just check for placer instanceof PlayerEntity.
  3. You should check if the entity is moving, not the animation event or whatever it is... (you can check if the previous position is different as the current position) And GoalSelector.getRunningGoals gives you all goals that are currently executing.
  4. You can override setPlaceBy in your block class, and then save the placer to the te there (the placer can be other entities, or null!)
  5. You need some condition checking here, e.g. if walking add walk animation, and only add eating animation when eating... etc
  6. You should be able to find error messages that tells where went wrong.
  7. The readString you are using is client only, you should use the one that takes an int as its argument. Have you register you packet?
  8. I would filter through all entities, from ServerWorld#getEntities
  9. ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer() Should be it
  10. It's a supplier that supplies an instance, so of(() -> new MyProvider(); or just of(MyProvider::new)
  11. Just a thought, instead having your own timer, you can have an "extra time" where when the night skips you add it by xx value...or something similar, and when you need that specific value you just get it by adding it with the current game time.
  12. Just change your code to the code I attached, I've tested it that it worked. Play around with it and should be easier for you to understand.
  13. This isn't quite right. int color = (int) (Minecraft.getInstance().gameSettings.getTextBackgroundOpacity(0.25F) * 255.0F) << 24; float alpha = (float)(color >> 24 & 255) / 255.0F; float red = (float)(color >> 16 & 255) / 255.0F; float green = (float)(color >> 8 & 255) / 255.0F; float blue = (float)(color & 255) / 255.0F; check EntityRenderer L97, 98, and FontRenderer#func_238441_a_ (finish)
  14. ForgeRegistries.ITEMS.getValues() allows you to get all items. If I were you I will create and save the recipes with vanilla fuels, and then maybe check the input dynamically if it's from other mods (iterate through all other mod items once, and cache them), although there should be a better way for doing this... In fact you might not need recipes for this, unless you really want the players to be able to customize them.
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