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Forge 1.17.1-37.0.11 Crash


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First off, I see you guys know about the 37.0.12 crashing on startup, so that's good.
Hope you guys find a fix soon ❤️

Second. I found a strange bug in 37.0.11 as well..
I tried starting up my test worlds, and kept crashing, tried starting fresh worlds and all is fine.
So I went through the crash report, and lo and behold, it crashes when a hopper minecart (not sure for regular or other minecarts) come in contact with/powers a detector rail.. 🙂
Really sucks, as this is what i'm mainly testing right now 8]

Oh well. Now you know :)


Any idea when next release will be up?


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And also, for anyone looking for other crash reasons.

I found that if you have ANY mods for 1.16 (and below) in you MOD folder, IT WILL CRASH at startup.

So all mods need to be deleted/moved to a different safe space while this get's fixed.

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3 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

This has always been the case. Mods only work for a specific version of Minecraft.

I know. But while searching for other ways around me crashing, there was a lot of places saying you only need to remove older versions of OptiFine..
They're literaly everywhere, lol.

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