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(1.16.5 Forge) Hostile overworld mobs like Creepers, Spiders witches spawn in the nether (Oh the biomes you go)


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Hello so i have a modded server i will list all the mods below, my issue is that hostile overworld mobs and bats are spawning in the nether for some reason, also Alex's mobs cockroach is spawning in the nether too! This was not happening before until i added some more mods, then this started happening.

Link to a picture: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/2021-07-31_16.26.09.png

The mods that i recently added to the server: 






Curio of Undying

Bountiful & Kotlin for Forge

Other mods that i have on the server:

Dragon mounts, abnormals core, alexs mobs, better end, better strongholds, bookshelf, byg, cave biomes, caves and cliff backport, cfm, citadel, clumps, collective, corpse, curios, customizable elytras, dark paintings, dungeons arise, endergetic, environmental, farmers delight, golblin traders, hunter illagers, hwyla, jei, nethers delight, nethers exoticisms, omnis backpack, omnis, oneplayersleep, repurposed structures, selene, sit, spheric, supplemntaries, tree harvester, twilight forest, upgraded netherite, valhesia core and structures, voice chat, wawla, waystones, xaeros minimap, yungs api

Here is the log when i start the server: 




I just made a single player world with the exact same mods and they're is not any hostile overworld mobs spawning in the nether at all...

Do you think resetting the nether would fix the issue i have with the hostile overworld mobs spawning in the nether on the server?




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