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Mod proposal: Redstone++


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Hey there, I have a couple of ideas for a redstone mod for Minecraft that I'd like to share. Feel free to suggest your own!



For my first idea, cables! A type of redstone wiring that can go up walls and underwater. However, these wires cannot connect to redstone components until sheared, when they are then turned into stripped wires and can no longer go underwater. Crafted with copper, leather, and redstone dust.



Next up, circuit boards. These come in three different sizes, small medium, and large. These work like structure blocks; you place one down and it condenses your resume, but you still have to put in the work of building the circuits. You can also configure where the inputs and outputs go. The small one condenses to one block, and has one input on top and one output on the bottom. Medium condenses to two blocks, and has two outputs on top and two outputs on bottom. Large condenses to three blocks and has three inputs on the top and three outputs on bottom.



This one is simple. Sends a pulse when you look at it and when you stop. Like I said, simple.


As started before, feel free to suggest some more ideas!



There are sensors you can put all around your contraptions, which can inform you of different happenings, like containers filling up or something breaking. Messages have three levels of severity, green, yellow, and red. Messages are sent to another item which can be held or placed down.










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