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[1.6.2] Unwanted animation when damaging a stack


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When a held item is damaged using ItemStack.damageItem() or ItemStack.setItemDamage it does the animation that happens when you change your active item (ie mouse wheel scrolling), and it looks terrible when done continually. Which is huge a problem for me as many of my items make use of damage value for a continually changing variable that i wish to display to the player.


Is there any way to stop this animation? I notice on completeing a dig with a tool it doesnt happen.

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My mod does the same thing the damage values. solved the animation thing by making it a coremod and editing updateEquipedItem() ("Equipped" was spelled wrong, if i remember correctly) in ItemRenderer.class (not sure if it was in that class, i don't have my laptop with me right now so i can't check). if you find a better way of keeping track of the damage, let me know!

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I could just make another NBT for all my items that do this and use an IItemRenderer to render the bar. I could display more than one bar or change it's color that way.


But then I would have to make an inventory renderer for all of those items, which would suck, maybe not as bad if you can register more than one item renderer for an item. Even then I could just make all my item renders extend a single super that does it... I'll see how well I can get it to work later today.

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