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Best method for soft-dependency?


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Hi all,


Wondering what the best known method for a soft-mod dependency is?


My current method is this:

Use reflection to check if the class-name for the mod in question exists (called during pre-init, so info can be used for block setup).

Load a different plugin proxy class based on whether the mod exists or not.

Plugin Proxy contains any methods differentiated when the 'soft dependency' is installed.

Any block/item loaders will call to the proxy to get the block/item classes (and instances) for the blocks/items that are different when the soft dependency is installed.  (E.g.  the plugin proxy can return a BC based Tile Entity when it detects BC installed, or return a vanilla TE if no BC detected).


The method seems to work fine even after repackaging distributing. It loads the BC stuff with BC installed, loads the normal stuff without BC installed, and doesn't crash.


Basically, it works, but it feels very hacky (reflection...ughh..).  Is there a proper way to do this through Forge/FML hooks that I haven't noticed ? (seems like a getting a list of installed/loaded mods would work, but only after init phases are done loading them, thus precluding differentiation of blocks/items based on installed mod status)

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